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The search for Beauty is the key to a returning to a sustainable world” Daniela Manzoni, CEO
“I owe my passion for style and all that is beautiful and unique to my parents, the epitome of good taste and sober elegance”. Daniela Manzoni, co-founder of Daema, grew up in a family of fashion entrepreneurs. One of her passions is tennis, which she has played from a young age. Daema came to be through the union of two worlds: fashion and sport. From sport players to sport players.
Daema is an Italian brand of sportswear for tennis, padel and golf. Daema was created in 2020, in Bergamo, a city enrichened through a strong identity and with a local culture born of centuries of art, painting, music, flourishing trade, proud landscapes, and which enjoys the influence of nearby fashion capital, Milan.
Daema joins together people who share the same vision, the same ideals and who feel inspired and motivated to contribute to a higher cause. Where happiness is present, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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