Natural WoolFeeling
Sporty-chic apparel eco-designed to be glamorously circular

Discover the values of wearing high performance and circular sportswear in Merino wool jersey, a natural fiber selected using criteria of sustainability and processed by an entirely Italian chain.



The real challenge is a circular production.


Merino wool, a beneficial natural fiber for the skin

Daema, a licensee of The Woolmark Company® since 2022, introduces the use of superfine Merino wool in sportswear garments. This luxurious fabric with a fiber diameter of 17.5 microns or less offers comfort and relief for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. The research by The Woolmark Company® highlights the positive impact of wearing superfine Merino wool on the severity and symptoms of eczema, making it a natural and soothing choice for those seeking skin-friendly clothing options. Daema’s commitment to incorporating this premium material into their sporty-chic and functional clothing allows individuals to enjoy fashion without compromising the well-being of their skin.