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Merino wool, a beneficial natural fiber for the skin

Daema, a licensee of The Woolmark Company® since 2022, introduces the use of superfine Merino wool in sportswear garments. This luxurious fabric with a fiber diameter of 17.5 microns or less offers comfort and relief for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. The research by The Woolmark Company® highlights the positive impact of wearing superfine Merino wool on the severity and symptoms of eczema, making it a natural and soothing choice for those seeking skin-friendly clothing options. Daema’s commitment to incorporating this premium material into their sporty-chic and functional clothing allows individuals to enjoy fashion without compromising the well-being of their skin.

My sporty-chic, natural, high-performance and circular clothing

Let’s start with what at first sight seems an illogical choice: to make tennis and golf clothes in wool. “It seems, but it absolutely isn’t. Think of the summer clothes of businessmen or the tunics of the desert populations, are they not made of wool? Merino (I want to specify, not all wools, but only […]